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Ring of Fire Teasers June 2021

Ring of Fire Teasers June 2021

We are pleased to inform you about Ring of Fire Teasers June 2021 | read full details below

Monday 3 May 2021

Episode 180

Vishu, disguised as a doctor, enters Vikraal’s room and is about to stab him with a knife, when Ragini intercepts him. With his ruse now exposed, Vishu moves to kill Ragini. Vishu reveals to Ragini that he is actually Shekhar, who has adopted Vishu’s face after plastic surgery to acquire Srishti.

Episode 181

When Ragini faints trying to untie herself, Vikraal motivates her to get up and get rid of the bomb. Ragini manages to diffuse the bomb.

Tuesday 4 May 2021

Episode 182

Shekhar/Vishu looses his life. Could he really be dead? A New Villain enters Baiju’s Life.

Episode 183

Solid meets his boss, a familiar face looking for revenge.

Wednesday 5 May 2021

Episode 184

The inspector agrees to cooperate with Ragini’s plan to catch Solid. At home, Ragini viciously blames Baiju when Anurag’s contract is cancelled. Further, she breaks all ties with Srishti and Baiju. Ragini fakes financial hardship and begs Solid for help. She pleads with him to sell the rest of the drugs and entices him by offering a cut from the deal.

Episode 185

Solid meets Shekhar who shows his psycho nature as usual and says it is Ragini’s turn now. Shekhar Kills Baiju, while Ragini Is Blamed And Sent To Jail.


Thursday 6 May 2021

Episode 186

After killing Solid, Shekhar spots and chases Srishti in the woods. However, Srishti kills him. Ragini and Srishti both deliver baby girls but die in childbirth. While Ragini hands over her baby, Agni, to the prison warden, Srishti’s baby, Sakshi, ends up with Vidvaan and Revati, and a new beginning is imminent. 20 years later, a bunch of goons abduct a burqa-clad lady in Lucknow, only to realise she is Sub-Inspector Agni Singh.

Episode 187

Agni learns that two thieves beat her to stealing the real jewellery. Sakshi and Tony gleefully recall how they posed as police personnel and robbed the store.

Friday 7 May 2021

Episode 188

Agni comes across Ragini’s belongings and grows emotional. The next day, Sakshi and Agni land up at the same temple but fail to meet face to face. Later, Agni is approached by a dairy businessman, Dashrath Singh, who received a threatening letter demanding he call off his son’s wedding.

Episode 189

During the celebrations, Sakshi spots Agni and realises she is from the police force. Agni pre-empts the kidnapper’s plan of action and tries to outsmart them by arranging for five more grooms. Sakshi flees the scene, but Agni spots her. In the chase that ensues, the adrenaline junkies ditch their partners and end up crashing into each other’s jeeps.

Monday 10 May 2021

Episode 190

Sakshi refrains from telling Revati about Agni and instead seeks comfort from her. Kishan, Raghav, and his wife visit Agni to thank her, and the subject of Sakshi being a doctor arises. Agni follows Sakshi into her house and demands to know who else from the family is alive.

Episode 191

A runny-nosed Kishan turns up at the clinic, seeking a thorough check-up. Sakshi relents, and, later, Agni watches them share a romantic moment.

Tuesday 11 May 2021

Episode 192

A grateful Kishan comes to the police station to ask Agni out for dinner, but she subtly declines. Sakshi receives an alarming call from Revati and worries that her cover could be blown. Later, in the police station, Agni interrogates Kishan, who proves that his papers for the property are in order. Sakshi shows up with a file and lashes out at Kishan, insisting her documents are correct.

Episode 193

Kishan’s mothers ask him to invite Revati and his granddaughters to live with them, a move which elates Kishan. Amma ji and Revati insist Sakshi and Agni to share a room. At night, Amma ji thoroughly enjoys Sakshi and Agni’s catfight. Yashi and Devi make other plans for the girls. Kishan is amused to see Agni sleeping on the couch.

Wednesday 12 May 2021

Episode 194

Sakshi sustains burns while saving Devi, whose clothes catch fire while praying. Kishan daydreams about Agni. Amma ji proposes Kishan and Sakshi’s marriage to Revati.

Episode 195

At night, a robber threatens Revati at knifepoint, but, Kishan comes to her rescue.

Thursday 13 May 2021

Episode 196

Kishan, Agni, and Sakshi receive the shock of their lives after learning that Devi wants Kishan to be engaged to Sakshi, while Yashi wants Kishan to be betrothed to Agni. Kishan, Agni and Sakshi clear the misunderstandings, but cracks begin to show in Devi and Yashi’s relationship. A frustrated Agni and Sakshi engage in a fight over Revati’s anklet.

Episode 197

Kishan tries to woo Agni through a rose, a sweet dish, and a love letter, but all his attempts fall flat! Later,  Sakshi is shocked to learn that the thugs who have intercepted Kishan and Agni are not her hired men.

Friday 14 May 2021

Episode 198

Sakshi apologises to Agni but maintains that she has not forgiven her. Agni sees a limping Kishan and confesses her love to him, leaving him shocked!

Episode 199

Not Available.

More Teasers to be Available Soon.

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