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Malaysia Army Recruitment 2021-2022 | Application, Dates & Requirements

Official Malaysia Army Recruitment 2021-2022 Application Form, Requirements and dates-See Malaysia Army Jobs details

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Enlistment – noncommissioned for twelve years as non-commissioned officer and granted the extension of service for one more three years unendingly till twenty one years and may be submitted to the upper authority for thought and approval.

A pension would incline once twenty-one years of service as a serviceman.

Officer’s Service Outline


Malaysian Defense National University’s Officers Cadets

  • – Passed Malaysian Certificate Education.
  • – can begin their degree (honor) study and army training.
  • – are going to be commissioned as 2nd lieutenant or equivalent once getting their degree (honor).
  • – Promotion – once they’ve undergone some courses, passing promotion examination, accessibility of appointment and counseled by higher authority.

Graduate’s Officers Cadets

  • – degree (honor) graduates in given field.
  • – Undergone acquire preparation for nine months.
  • – are going to be commission as lieutenant or equivalent.
  • – Promotion – once undergone some courses, passing promotion examination, accessibility of appointment and counseled by higher authority.

Type of Commissions

– General Duty List – Officers with degree (honor) in given field.

– Professional Duty List – Officers with degree (honor) in medical and medical specialty

– Special Duty List – A serviceman that had been direct commission to officers.

Type of Service

Short-Commissioned Officer

– Served for ten years as commission officers and granted the extension of service for more three years. The appliance for extension of service once thirteen years has passed ought to be submitted to the authority beyond thirteen years for decision and approval. Application as Regular Officer are often created beyond five years’ service and may fulfill the service needed declared.

Regular Officer

– Length of service are going to be fix till the age of retirement (base on rank) and eligible.

Army Personnel

This class is exclusively for Malaysian Army personnel; Officers or different Ranks. For civilians please click here.


Visit the web site to search out out additional concerning the additional education opportunities particularly for Malaysian soldiers personnel.

Army Bulletin

Bulletin on news and activities strictly for the Malaysian Army. These newsletters are accessible on-line.

MINDEF Webmail

Official email for work functions or any matter involving the service or any official data.

E-Gerak System

Request and check for flight booking or movement orders. Please follow the directions given.

Koperasi Tentera

Assisting the Malaysian Armyin matters with reference to finance whether or not savings or loans.


This class is exclusively for members of the general public, government servants and Malaysian voters. For Military Personnel, Please Click Here


Basic info or references which will be used as a guide if required


Provide client service help with complaints, queries and proposals.

Final Selection Eligibility

Those who are eligible for the ultimate choice of Malaysian Army recruits.

Army Bulletin

Bulletin on news and activities completely for the Malaysian Army. These newsletters ar accessible on-line.

Join the Malaysia Army

Online application to become a part of the Malaysian Army. Please read the rules and make sure you meet all the essential criteria

Report to PUSASDA

Those who are have been selected to go through with the military training at PUSASDA as recruits.

Portal Mobile Version Guide

Now users will access the Malaysian Army portal via mobile. To access this web:

  1. Open the browser on your smartphone.
  2. Logon to www.army.mod.gov.my
  3. Or scan the QR CODE shown on this portal

Malaysian Army Corps/Regiment Roles

The Malaysian Army could be a distinctive and individual organisation. It consists of sixteen Corps and Regiments with numerous roles and functions. Their roles and functions dissent consistent with their duties and specialisation. Thus, supported their speciality, the Corps and Regiments are often divided into 3 main classes that are:

Combat Components – This cluster includes personnel and combat components before of a battle. This cluster consists of the Royal Malay Regiment, Royal Ranger Regiment and Royal Armoured Corps.

Combat Support Components – This cluster includes men and units directly concerned in supporting the combat components in any war. It includes the Royal Signals Regiment, Royal Engineers Regiment, Royal Artillery Regiment, Royal personnel Corps, and Royal Intelligence Corps.

Services Support Components – The role of this cluster is to help Combat part and Combat Support part in supply and maintenance services further as different body services.  This cluster includes the Royal Electrical and applied scientist Corps, General Service Corps, Royal Service Corps, Royal Ordnance Corps, Royal Medical and Dental Corps and therefore the soldiers spiritual Corps.

Reserves Unit – Territorial Army Regiment includes volunteers that type the second line of national defence. the talents possessed by these men are at par therewith of the regular troopers, and additionally to it, they need experience within the fields like telecommunication, harbour or rail management.

Malaysian Army Rank badge

There are seventeen ranks within the Malaysian Army ranging from non-public to General, and this is often divided into 2 main classes that are Officers and Other Ranks (OR).

Officers; Officers rank structure starts from lieutenant to General, and this is often divided into 3 main groups:

  • Senior Officers.  Begins from Lieutenant Colonel to General:
  • Field Officers. Embodies officers with the rank of Major:
  • Young Officers. Starts from Second Lieutenant to Captain:

Other Ranks; This category begins from Private to Warrant Officer Class I and is split into 3 categories:

  •  Senior Non Commission Officers (NCO). Starts from Sergeant until Warrant Officer Class I:
  • Junior Non Commission Officers (NCO).  Starts from Lance Corporal to Corporal:
  • Private. It isn’t ranked a rank.

Join the Malaysian Army

People that would like to become a part of the Malaysian Army whether or not the Officers or different Ranks class will access this technique for on-line application functions. Please suits the specified necessities and procedures.

Recent Recruitment

Advertisements on the accomplishment are going to be issued through this official portal and on the official social media of the Malaysian Army. Guests will check the newest ads to search out if there’s a current recruitment session. Candidates ar to abide the specified necessities

Graduate Cadet Officers

Category: Cadet-Officer-2019

Year: 2019

Closing Date:  31 December 2018

Contact: 03-20714524 | 5120 | 2391

Description: CLICK HERE


Category: Other Ranks Male Series 188

Year: 2018.

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