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Belgium Army Jobs 2020-2021-Application, Dates & Requirements

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Belgian Army

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The flag of the Belgian army since 1982

Active  1830–2002 (as the Belgian Army)

2002–present (as the Belgian Land Component)

Country European country

Allegiance  King of the Belgians

Type  Army

Size  26,500 military personnel and about 1,990 civilian personnel

Part of Belgian Armed Forces

The Belgium Army is the land branch of the Belgian Army Forces.  Belgium Army’s(also called the Land Component) present chief of staff is Major-General Marc Thys.

About the Belgium Royal Military Academy.

The Royal Military Academy is a military establishment of university education chargeable for the fundamental educational, military and physical coaching of future officers, and for the continued advanced coaching of officers throughout their active career within the Defence department.

The officers graduated from the Academy are leaders capable of activity with efficiency in various, advanced and exceptional circumstances, at the service of the national and therefore the international community.

The training at the Academy is customized to the requirements of the Belgian Defence (army, air force, navy, medical service). The goals and objectives of the Belgium society is taught here.

Organisation and Ranks of the Belgium Army.

The Belgium Army is organized into different levels in terms of hierarchy. The entry level begins with the infantry, then cavalry and progresses upward.

The former King and the armed forces


  • 14 regiments of line infantry (three active battalions, one inactive and one company in every regiment depot)
  • 3 regiments of Jäger (three active battalions, one inactive and one company in every regiment depot)
  • 1 regiment of grenadiers (three active battalions, one inactive and one company in every regiment depot)
  • 1 regiment of carabineer (four battalions active, two of inactive and one depot company of deposit)
  • 2 companies settled
  • 1 discipline body
  • 1 school of children troop

Note: a battalion (864 men) consists of 4 corporations of 216 men


  • 4 regiments of lancers (4 active squadrons and one reinforcement in every regiment)
  • 2 regiments of guides (4 active squadrons and one reinforcement in every regiment)
  • 2 regiments of Chasseur (4 active squadrons and one reinforcement in every regiment)

Note: a squadron had some one hundred thirty horses.


  • 4 regiments of artillery (10 batteries in every regiment)
  • 3 regiments of defensive structure artillery or beleaguering artillery (16 batteries, one battery and one spare battery depot in every regiment)
  • 1 pontoon company
  • 1 company of artificers
  • 1 company of gunsmiths
  • 1 company of artillery employees

Note: electric battery has half-dozen guns


  • 1 Engineer Regiment (three active battalions plus one depot battalion)
  • 1 railway company
  • 1 campaign Telegraph company
  • 1 telegraph space company
  • 1 pontoon space company
  • 1 employees company
  • How to apply?
  • Obtain data

How to Join the Belgium Army.

Know how you can begin. Several wild stories are currently spreading Defense, typically from the times once your father was duty-bound to travel to the military. Meanwhile, plenty has modified. Don’t simply believe what somebody tells you, however explore for the proper info. Even your uncle that is already a soldier doesn’t continually recognize precisely what it is.

When you apply for employment at an organization, they expect you to understand one thing concerning their company culture and position. That’s additionally the case with Defense. Candidates that recognize very little or nothing concerning Defense and therefore the desired job or coaching, have very little likelihood throughout the choice. As luck would have it, we provide you lots of opportunities to search out the proper data.


Do you think that you recognize enough and are you convinced that Defense is that the right leader for you? Then it is time to require future step: the registration. With this you allow us to recognize that vacancy (s) you would like to use for. You’ll be able to register in several ways in which.

Requirements to the Belgium Army.

  • Applicants must be aged between 18 to 34 (33 years old for officers) to meet the requirements to enlist in the Belgium Army
  • Applicants must be citizens of Belgium. Note that foreigners are allowed to enlist in the Belgium Army on the condition that they must the citizens of countries between the European Union
  • Applicant need to have at the very least of high school certificate
  • Applicants must have good interpersonal skills and not behave in ways that are embarrassing to the Belgium Army

Making Your Choice

Once registered, you have got to require tests for a minimum of 3 days. This is often done at the screening center in Neder-Over-Heembeek.

For functions like pilot, this could be up to 10 days. Therefore register as quickly as doable then you have got additional choices to settle on your choice days.

Prepare yourself we tend toll for the tests and browse fastidiously what we expect from you.

The Incorporation


When you’re elite and you’ll be able to begin the coaching, you’ll receive a letter from USA with the data pamphlet. On the day of your incorporation, you sign the utilization contract. Then you’ll be able to finally begin your dream job.


The new recruiting year for sailors and soldiers has been launched!

  • Inclusions from the month of January to the month of June 2019: you can register now!
  • Inclusions from the month of July to the month of December 2019: information about the new functions will be made available to the public in due time.

The Belgium Army recruitment for 2019 for officers and non- commissioned officers has started!

For inquiries about the recruitment process, reach out to the Belgium Army Contact Center on the toll-free number 0800 333 48 or visit Official Belgium Army regional Information Centers.


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